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As a technology transfer center, the CATIE organization has a broad set of skills and strong ties with engineer schools, laboratories and high tech startups. CATIE robotics was created in early 2018, the team aims to explore service robotics from an application-driven perspective and benefits from the multidisciplinary environment it lives in.

One of the team’s goals is to participate in the RoboCup @Home competition. The RoboCup competition is a way to objectively measure progress, expose it to a broad audience and gather an international community.

At a local scope, creating a robotics team is also a way of uniting people from various scientific horizons towards a very pragmatic, tangible goal.

Achievements, current state and near future

In early 2018, we chose the ROS based robot TIAGo from PAL Robotics as the main development platform. The robot was received in August 2018 and renamed Epock.
Since then, promising results have been achieved during 3 major robotics competitions: RoboCup @Home German Open 2019 (2nd place), RoboCup @Home Sidney 2019 (3rd place) and SciRoc Challenge (2nd place).

A working pipeline of speech to text, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and speech synthesis has been integrated and succesfully tested in the difficult  environment of RoboCup challenges.

Furthermore, reliable safe navigation and accurate Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) have been reached through the use of open source  libraries.

State of the art neural networks architectures have been used for face recognition and body pose estimation. They have been integrated in the robot and showcased during the same competitions.

Two projects related to object segmentation and grasping have been completed with the 2019 class Bordeaux INP students specializing in robotics as their main semester project. The 2020 class will work on flexible grasping.

After having integrated previous developments to obtain robust and autonomous behaviors on the robot, the next step will be improving overall grasping capabilities and object recognition. We are also redesigning Epock’s head to enhance the interaction with users, particularly in order to make its intentions clearer to laymen.



Alban Chauvel


Charles Dormoy


Clément Laigle


Clément Pinet


Guillaume Fornes


P-Marie Ancele

Séb' Delpeuch

Sébastien Loty

Thierry Arsicaud


Boris Albar

Christine Jaureguib'

Erwan Simon

Florian Larrue

Hola Adrakey

Julie Laï-Pei

Logan St-Germain

Pierre Bedu

Stéphane Pouyet

Former members

Clément Dussieux

Natural Language &

computer Voodoo

"JB" Horel


Rémi Fabre

Team leader

Zhe "Aurore" Li

Navigation & SLAM



2nd place

June 2021- RoboCup


2nd place

September 2019 – SciRoc

(Milton Keynes- United-Kingdom)

3rd place

July 2019 – RoboCup

(Sydney – Australia)

2nd place

May 2019 – German Open

(Magdeburg – Germany)





Technological innovation platform
dedicated to Iot

Open source operating system
for IoT

Technological innovation platform
dedicated to AI


CATIE Robotics @Home 2023 Team Description Paper

by Sébastien DELPEUCH, Boris ALBAR, Alban CHAUVEL, Christine JAUREGUIBERRY, Clément LAIGLE, Sébastien GAMARDES, Clément PINET, Stéphane POUYET, Logan SAINT-GERMAIN, Florian LARRUE, Ludwig JOFFROY and Sébastien LOTY

CATIE Robotics @Home 2020 Team Description Paper

by Rémi FABRE, Boris ALBAR, Clément DUSSIEUX, Christine JAUREGUIBERRY, Ludwig JOFFROY, Jean-Baptiste HOREL, Zhe LI, Alexandre PERROT, Clément PINET, Stéphane POUYET, Florian LARRUE and Sébastien LOTY

CATIE Robotics @Home 2019 Team Description Paper

by Rémi FABRE, Boris ALBAR, Clément DUSSIEUX, Ludwig JOFFROY, Zhe LI, Clément PINET, Jennifer SIMEON and Sébastien LOTY

Methodology to Adapt Neural Network on Constrained Device at Topology level

by Logan SAINT-GERMAIN, Bertrand LE GAL, Fabien BALDACCI, Jeremie CRENNE, Christophe JEGO and  Sébastien LOTY

Fast Hand Movements Unveil Multifractal Roots of Adaptation in the Visuomotor Cognitive System

by Yvan PRATVIEL, Veronique DESCHDT-ARSAC, Florian LARRUE and Laurent ARSAC

Progress and first results in the study of the pilotIA collaboration in SPO

by Charles-Alban DORMOY, Jean-Marc ANDRE, Théodore LETOUZE and Turkan HENTATI